The Law Office of Jason Carter

The Law Office of Jason Carter is a small firm focusing primarily on landlord tenant litigation, real estate litigation, construction litigation, and small business consulting and litigation. That narrow focus allows the firm to deliver skilled and efficient representation to clients for these specific areas.

This is not a general practice firm. I don’t represent clients in criminal matters, family law matters, personal injury matters, workers compensation, employment law, bankruptcy, or any of the host of other areas of law. When clients come to me seeking representation in those matters, I’m happy to refer them to attorneys who do specialize in those fields.

I conduct and oversee hundreds of evictions per year, representing property owners and property management companies throughout the Commonwealth in the District Courts, Housing Courts, and Superior Courts. My specialization in this area means that I am able to deliver services and results more efficiently for my clients.

The general practice firm model is, in this day and age, outdated, and possibly borderline malpractice. An attorney simply cannot be an expert in 20 different areas of law. The nature of law is that it is constantly shifting and changing, as laws are being changed and amended, and courts are changing the interpretations of the laws. In order to stay abreast of those changes and how they will affect clients, a firm must be dedicated to a select few areas.

Drawing a parallel to the medical field, if you need surgery on your hand, you don’t go to a general practitioner or a general surgeon, and you certainly wouldn’t go to a cardiologist. You want to have a surgeon who specializes in hand surgery. That surgeon will have, in theory, all of the expertise and familiarity with the latest techniques. And, just as important, that surgeon will almost certainly have performed that specific surgery dozens, if not hundreds, of times.

That is what my firm has to offer in the legal context. I specialize in landlord tenant, real estate litigation, construction litigation, and small business consulting and litigation. These fields are all connected, and they are my primary focus. Because of that, I’m able to offer my services efficiently and get the results my clients are seeking.

This blog will seek to clarify many of the legal principles in these areas, and dispel many of the myths, particularly in regard to landlord tenant.